Rated R - Please proceed with caution.

Flannery Lynch

Chapter 1 - My Life or Something Like It

I watched him as he opened up the oven door to check on the chicken he was baking. I rested a hand on the counter, and stood awkwardly with my right foot hooked around my left foot. “I know I’ve been promising you dinner for a while now, so it has to be perfect.” He had been promising to cook a dinner for me for a few weeks. He kept on telling me what a good cook he was, I think just to get me over to his house. Although he had made a few promises that he couldn’t keep, and kept having to say he’d make it up to me. He put the lid on the rice cooker and turned the dial to set it to cook. “It smells good.” I said as he turned towards me. “Oh it will be. I even made some healthy buffalo sauce because I know you love it.” He responded, somehow he always managed to have such a devilish look in his eye. Even when he was talking to me about chicken, apparently. He came towards me, wrapping his hands around my waist and slowly sliding both of his hands to each of my butt cheeks and lifted me up effortlessly.

“Hmm, it seems as though you know me well.” I wrapped my hands around him, he was so huge compared to me. He set me down on the counter. The cold marble startled me. I could barely wrap my arms entirely around him, he was 6’4”, pure muscle. He let his hands trace around, squeezing my ass and moving towards my front. He fondled my chest and moaned as he kissed me, my head tilted back in pleasure. All of a sudden he stopped, mid-kiss. My hands still in his jet black hair, he pulled away slowly from his passionate kiss and placed his hands on my cheeks. His forehead up against mine, he looked down, super serious out of nowhere. “I just want you to know, Fiona. You’re more than just a fuck. This is way more than that. Yes you’re sexy as hell and beyond gorgeous. But I want you to know I value you and I do see a future with you.” I honestly didn’t know what to say to that. I almost wanted to cry. So sincere and romantic, what else could a woman falling in love want to hear? “You have to believe me. Are you okay with me that? Is it too much too soon?” He asked, still with his hands on my face. I kissed him, grabbing his neck a little tighter. “No I don’t think so...” I looked into his deep dark brown eyes, they looked so pure and sincere. “I see a future with you too, James.” 
He kissed me again, somehow even more passionately this time. He wrapped my ponytail around his large hand and pulled it firmly, exposing my neck to his lips and they traced down my neck. Slowly making his way  down to my chest. I got closer to him, grinding on him. I let my hands run along his strong chest, gripping onto his shirt but I needed skin. I slid my hands under it and firmly ran them up to his pecs. He raised up his arms to let me pull off his shirt, revealing his perfect abdomen and strong arms. He was a very sturdy and muscular man. I grabbed his arms and squeezed just to feel his strength. I know he could do whatever he wanted to me and that was beyond enticing. I put my arms around his neck and he slid his hands underneath my white v-neck top. Sliding his rough hands along my skin he raised my shirt over my head, staring into my eyes as he did. Pure fiery lust burning in his eyes. He threw my shirt behind him on the kitchen floor. He just stared at my body for a brief moment, I had my hands on his chest. He ran both of his hands up my legs. His rough hands running up against my smooth skin. My body was tan from the summer sun. He picked me up again and lowered me down slowly. He kissed me as he laid me back against the island, kissing me ferociously like a hungry beast. He turned me around and slid off my daisy dukes, falling to the kitchen floor around my converse shoes.
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