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About Flannery

  • Then

    I remember the distinct smells of my hometown in Hampton Georgia. As you walked out the front door of our ranch style house, I distinctly recall the golden rod and Bradford pear trees. We had rose bushes right outside, and pine trees. Lots and lots of pine. I also recall hearing the squeals of engines coming from the NASCAR track just a few miles down the road. Simpler times. Dad would take us for walks through downtown Hampton, telling us stories of Bircta - the witch- he’d take us by her house and try to scare us with his stories. When Halloween came around we’d go by her house and she handed pennies out instead of candy on a gold platter. In hindsight, maybe she really was a witch. Our backyard had sloping hills, one which led to the swing set. Behind the barn was where we kept the honeybees and beyond that was the woods. Acres and acres of woods. We had many adventures through the woods and down the creek. We played robin hood and built forts and fires. As children we had such imaginations and I never wanted to let that die as I got older. To this day I tell people how I live in a fantasy world. Forget reality, that’s one of my least favorite words.

  • Next

    I’ve always loved writing. Ever since I was young. Always had an introspective mind. Writing came easy to me in school, funny enough I hated reading. I’d rather create my own fantasy than live in someone else’s. Some fantasies are darker than others. Some of the stories are real, or parts are. Some are things I wish had happened or wish that hadn’t.

  • About me

    I wouldn’t necessarily call myself ‘a writer’. There’s too many things that make me me. I’m also a barista, a waitress, a soldier, a sister, an aunt, a singer -at least in my car- a woman, an artist and yes, One of my passions is definitely writing. So call me a writer or call me a poet, either way I hope you all enjoy it.

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